Living the Stewardship Way of Life

Participating in Stewardship is voluntary. Even for Blessed Trinity’s school families, it is highly encouraged but not mandatory. It is not a program, a temporary commitment while the kids are in school, or a tuition assistance plan. We feel it is the best way to live your Catholic faith because its spirituality is simple: God Comes First. Parishioners who convert to this way of life credit it for increasing and deepening their faith. Those who choose Stewardship can take advantage of all parish-sponsored educational programs, regardless of their monetary wealth. Adult religious education, religious education for children, parish schools, and parish summer camp are just a few of the programs and ministries offered without cost to stewardship families. When you commit to becoming an authentic steward, you can rejoice in the knowledge that you are living out God’s plan to the fullest.

What is Stewardship?

In the scriptures, the position of steward in the master’s house was a trusted, privileged position. Stewards were not the owners of their master’s wealth, but overseers. A steward managed all his master’s resources and was accountable for that management. At Blessed Trinity, Stewardship is our way of life! We acknowledge that everything we are or will be in the future, and all our material blessings are the gifts of a generous, loving God. As Catholics, our baptism calls us to share our faith, our prayers, our time, our talents and skills, and our money. Blessed Trinity uses the tithe as a guide for sharing our time, talent, and money because this measure of giving was established by God for his chosen people and is mentioned 47 times in the Bible!

What does it mean to be a Steward?

When you attend Mass at Blessed Trinity, expect to hear about the 3 T’s: Time, Talent, and Treasure.


Time includes reading Scripture, praying, time spent with family, Christian fellowship, and attending Mas a minimum of once a week.


A talent is any skill or charism that you receive from God. Check out our Ministries to see where you are called to share your talents!


Treasure is the percentage of income that a steward shares to support the parish and the diocese.

Families and individuals embracing the Stewardship Way of Life at Blessed Trinity commit to:
  • Weekly participation in the celebration of the Eucharist at Blessed Trinity Parish.
  • Turning in an envelope each week during the Offertory at Mass, even if opting for electronic giving. The envelope should carry more than just a payment of our tithe. It should also convey our gratitude for the blessings we have received. Having a planned offering each week speaks volumes about the giving attitude of our hearts.
  • Supporting the parish by tithing. Strive to tithe at least 8% of the family gross income to the parish and 2% to other charities. Those with children attending Blessed Trinity School should strive to tithe the entire 10% of the family gross income to the parish.
  • Contributing some Time and Talent to a ministry of the parish.