In the belief that every person is a child of God, unconditionally loved by God, Blessed Trinity’s Prison Ministry seeks to bring that love and opportunities for the practice of the Catholic faith to those incarcerated in Marion County prisons through Mass, Communion services, sacraments, Bible Studies, educational activities, and faith sharing.

Purpose: To serve the spiritual needs of the incarcerated by bringing the Catholic Church into the prisons.

Responsibilities: Volunteer at one of the local prisons on a regular basis as an active, faithful Catholic.

Helpful Attributes:

  • Serious commitment to regular attendance. Continuity is very important in building trust.
  • Willingness to deal with and obey all the regulations of the correctional facility.
  • Basic knowledge and adherence to Catholic teachings.
  • Non-judgemental attitude. Belief that “there but for the grace go I.”
  • Being an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (helpful, not required)

Time Commitment: 2 hours weekly, possibly less.

Training Required: Department of Corrections Online Volunteer Training is required. Please inquire for more information. No specific religious training is required.

Fingerprinting Required: Background checks and fingerprinting are required prior to completing the training. Fingerprinting is free but must be done through one of he local prisons, even if you have already been fingerprinted by the Diocese.