“Do not hesitate to visit the sick, because for such things you will be loved.”

Sir. 7:35

The Church is designed by God to care for the poor, the sick and the infirm, so Catholic parishes have a holy duty to bring the sacraments to those who are unable to participate in the communal gathering of their parish community. When the Church cares for the sick and homebound, it serves Christ himself in the suffering members of his Mystical Body.

Purpose: To bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound and thus demonstrate the love and pastoral care of the faith community to persons who are infirm and/or confined to hospitals, nursing homes, or private residences.

Qualifications: Minister must be:

  • A fully initiated Catholic aged 18 or over
  • A Catholic is good standing (regularly avails oneself of the sacraments)
  • An active participant in the local parish community
  • Safe Environment certified
  • A trained Eucharistic Minister with a current mandate.

Helpful Attributes: Compassion, empathy, patience, and respect for the privacy and dignity of those we serve.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on the individual.

Training: A six-hour EMHCSH parish workshop and a minimum of three (3) shadow visits with an experienced minister.

Fingerprinting: Required.