CRHP is an annual retreat designed to increase your awareness of where God is working in your life.  There are separate retreats for men and women. Retreats are a full day and take place on church property.

Purpose: To transform your life and the parish by helping you identify where God is calling you to serve.

Attendees: Stay for the entire retreat; engage in the retreat activities
Team: Attend formation meetings and participate in sharing

Helpful Attributes
Attendees: empathy and an open mind
Team: A desire to lead attendees into a deeper commitment to Christ through the parish.

Time Commitment
Attendees: One day
Team: Bi-weekly meetings that last about 2 hours each.  Teams do not meet during the summer or around holidays.

Training Required
Attendees:  None
Team: A group of facilitators will train you during the formation period.

Fingerprinting Required:  None