The power of the Holy Spirit is present in the songs, praise, worship, spirit-filled teachings, and intercessory prayer of this Charismatic group. Weekly meetings are held in the Elder Care center every Thursday, 7-8;30PM. Whether your need is physical, spiritual, emotional, or relational, the healing touch of Our Lord benefits all those who attend.

Purpose: To provide a healing environment where we grow closer to the Heart of Jesus through: Communal Prayer; Worship; Sharing & Reflection on His Word; that we will become vessels ever more open to the workings of His Holy Spirit, as manifested in the growth of personal sanctity, wholeness, and the desire to serve Him and His Church.

Responsibilities: Attend weekly meetings and occasional masses of healing.

Helpful Attributes: Commitment to charismatic prayer and healing.

Time Commitment: Weekly meetings and occasional masses.

Training Required: None

Fingerprinting Required: Ministry Leaders