Good stewards are needed to drive parishioners to and from Mass in Blessed Trinity’s church bus or van. A CDL(p) is required to operate the buses.

Purpose: To enable parishioners who need transportation to come in person and celebrate Mass with the community.  This service is offered for the 4pm mass on Saturdays and the 11am mass on Sundays.

Responsibilities: Pickup and drop-off at retirement homes, assisted living facilities. Drivers should be prepared to assist parishioners on and off the bus if needed.

Helpful Attributes: Excellent driver!  CDL(p) is required to operate a 19-passenger and 23-passenger church bus. 

Time Commitment: This ministry requires a 3-4 hour commitment on either Saturday or Sunday.

Training Required: Prospective drivers would be monitored by an existing driver for a few weeks.

Fingerprinting Required: Yes