There are currently four different Bible study classes at Blessed Trinity, meeting at different times and places, often on church property.  The curriculum of each class is determined by the moderator.  Please contact the moderator(s) directly to find a Bible study that meets your needs.

Purpose: To increase in knowledge and love of God’s Holy Word.

Responsibilities: To arrive on time and actively participate in the class.

Helpful Attributes: A desire to learn and share scripture in a class setting.

Time Commitment: Varies; generally, classes last about 90 minutes but might go slightly longer depending on the subject matter being studied.

Training Required: None.

Fingerprinting Required: None.

Contact Information:

Denis & Leta Moeder: 352-454-6700

Ruth Raymond: 352-497-1226

John Saarie: 352-208-7963

Virginia Rose: 352-895-9470, 352-867-7835