“Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.” Luke 22:8

The Altar Society cares for the altar, sacristy, and sanctuary. The way we treat sacred things expresses our openness to the graces God gives to His Church in every celebration of the Eucharist.

Purpose: Maintaining the vestments, sacred vessels, altar linens, and other items in the worship area.

Responsibilities: Depending on the area you choose, responsibilities include:

  • Taking/ picking up vestments to be dry cleaned.
  • Sewing/washing/ironing items at home, returning them to church before the weekend.
  • Polishing vessels at the church on a rotating basis every Monday.
  • Filling the Holy Water fonts weekly.
  • Fill the candles with oil and replace wicks as needed.

Helpful Attributes: Reverence

Time Commitment: At your own pace.

Training Required: Training is provided.

Fingerprinting: Not required.